Hostel for Sunway University Students - Bandar Sunway


Sunway University offers various types of excellent on-campus accommodation, with priority given to outstation and international students.
-Sun-U Residence
-Sun-U Residence
-Sun-U Apartment
-Sun-U Apartment

There are also other accommodation around Sunway

  • Nadayu Sunway Accomodation
  • Sunway PJS

Any other hostel that can be recommended to newbie to Sunway University?

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Interesting. Do you have photos of these hostels you can share in this forum? I heard accommodation is limited.

The cheapest one we know is the Lagoon View (kindda run down already so we think it’s unsafe for students) and the one nearby, Belvedere (I think much safer than Lagoon View) both you need to walk or wait for the shuttle bus. Lagoon View is cheap but the last time we visited the water tank was bursting with water and the neighborhood doesn’t look appealing so I wouldn’t advise students to stay here.

At Belvedere, I have met a few students living in this apartment. Most units are unfurnished and the pool is rather quite small if you think of it. Parking is also limited.

Another option would be the houses near the area, they turn the whole house into a student hostel. At Ibilik, I am quite impressed on how they furnish the rooms.


I recently move from Sunway U Residents to Nadayu Sunway Accomodation. But I am disappointing with the services of Nadayu. To be honest, Sunway U residents is better than Nadayu. The internet speed at nadayu is weak and very slow and the security guard very fierce. The environment is worse than Sunway U recident


Do you have photos @Cls ? I’m just curuious how Nadayu looks like inside. This would definitely help those who are still looking for accomodation.


The cheapest accommodation within walking distance to Sunway University (about 5 minutes walk) is in Indah Villa Condominium (with private owners) located next to Sun-U Apartment and near to Nadayu.

Indah Villa is an older condo compared to Nadayu hence much more affordable.

If you are looking for a private unit (whole unit by yourself sharing with friends), I know of an owner renting out beautiful fully furnished home of 2room condo for maximum of 4 people with RM1,750 per month only for the whole condo.

If anyone interested, call owner direct/whatsapp at mobile number 0162637077. If from overseas it will be +60162637077


Anyone stayed at this place before?
My friend saw and said quite clean, new and very near sunway uni. In the Nadayu shops so a bit cheaper than Nadayu condo… wondering whether to stay or not