HELP’s Lecturers

I have not been to other universities, since I began my university period from HELP, Foundation in Arts program and thereafter progressed to the Faculty of Arts and Communication, pursuing my degree in Bachelor of Communications: Marketing Communications. The reason why I opted not to change venues or other universities, were simply because of many reasons, but mainly because of how the lecturers with this unit have impacted my life and is still are. The lecturers in HELP are super friendly and nice, and they become more a family to you than a lecturer and student relationship. They enjoy seeing students excel and they would go through great lengths in painting the perfect picture of various concepts, definitions and processes, necessary for the course, so that it would be easily understood by the students.

The lecturers here are one of high quality, speaking from the Faculty I come from, which is the Faculty of Arts and Communication, the lecturers have great and extensive knowledge about the various subjects they are teaching. Most of them have previously been in the industry and understand what is necessary for students in the near future and they will try to impart it onto us. They have been, great inspirations to me personally because through them I have come to understand various ways to deal with issues, how they actually take time to go through my work so that there is always quality in it.

However I can’t be going about painting a beautiful picture for the lecturers here since there are some that do not make the cut. Some that simply do not make the impact. However I am so glad to say that they make the minutest minority, which should not worry either of us.