HELP CAT UOL Twinning/Transfer Programme

While many people is exciting about the exchange program (err… not anymore, because of the exchange rate. ughhhhh), I just found out that HELP CAT UOL program do provide twinning/transfer program

On successful completion of your studies you will be awarded a University of London degree or diploma. The certificate you receive will state that you were registered with the University of London and that examinations were conducted by LSE.

Find out more about the University of London International Programmes at:

There are many universities that will accept our students for Second-Year entry into their degrees, after they have fully completed four (full) First-Year units of the University of London degree.

But it seems like only UOL students get that benefits lah…… If you are interested, can ask the HOD of UOL.

I get the info from:

nope. never think of study abroad. IT’S EXPENSIVE!!!

and it’s 1USD=4.24MYR… and 1SGD=3MYR
bye bye vacation. i’ll stay in my room forever.