HELP CAT Transportation

  1. Train
    The campus is connected to Chan Sow Lin LRT station, an interchange station to Ampang Line and Sri Petaling Line.
  2. Car
    Driving on the other hand is quite convenient but be prepared to be trapped in the roundabout jam and having hard time to find legal parking lot. Well, we actually have a parking lot under the college, but at a relatively high rate, RM3/hour, no student rate/discount.
  3. Bus
    U41 and U48 will stop at opposite of Chan Sow Lin Station. There is a pedestrian bridge next to the bus station.
  4. Van
    The campus van will drive you and your team to location where you can practice Futsal, basketball, football, Wisma HELP etc. Available only upon request at Department of Students’ Affair (DSA).

I think the LRT is cheaper, maybe students can park the car at other LRT station and take a train to class? What do you think? Do you know any method to get to HELP CAT? Share with us! :smile:

As far as I concern, students are mostly going college by LRT, some drive to college, or parents drop off. Very less students take bus.
Before the bridge was built, students walk a longer distance to college, around 10 mins walking distance. But there will be a van standby to fetch student if you are early enough. The service stopped after the skybridge is ready to use.

I still remember those days where I missed the van and have to walk passed the rubbish collecting spot. And smell like rubbish when arrive college. :sob:

I take my car with me to go to college, very troublesome for me to take the bus and ask for my friends to fetch me in the LRT. And also, my parents gave me a car but the parking man, so tough to get one wey!

Not quite get what you mean. If you can take a bus to the LRT station, the college is just within walking distance right?

Take public transport better. Parking is hard to find and the parking rate provided is very expensive. Once awhile still bearable. but don’t take that risk unless you come college very early

The Van, I saw a bunch of guys getting up to the van, I heard my friend says they are going futsal practise. I guess only the clubs & society use it.

Train is still the best option. Park at nearest LRT station and take train to college.
but better to be early pun, if LRT suddenly delay then really

I have never get delay from LRT before, but got some from KTM. LRT is very reliable.

if non peak hour the lrt become very unreliable one… keep on coming but ‘not in service’ pun

even the LRT is unreliable sometimes, I remember one event that I have to go to KLCC from Midvalley - I went out early to make it on time - but it took me an extra hour to get there because of the delay in the LRT. And there is no news of what actually happened in the train. So weird~

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