1. Aquarium
    As mentioned in HCAT Facilities, we called room with transparent glass wall as Aquarium. There are quite a number of classrooms, the Activity Room, and even the Library is Aquarium.
  2. Le Jardin (Pronounced: le jah-dang)
    It is actually French words, which means ‘the garden’. It is located at Level 7 balcony.

What other secret code that only HELP CAT students know? Share with us here!

hahahaha… I was randomly trying to search the word aquarium here and guess what? I was lead here!
nice one!

We use the word library to refer to “LRC” which is the Learning Resource Center.

Also the Level 4 “ping pong area” is an open area, while the Level 5 “ping pong area” is in the middle.

Ermm… isn’t that Learning Resource Center = Library? Place to borrow books right? same what…

The name is really Learning Resource Center. I guess the size of it is not meet the requirement of a Library yet.
The number of textbook is kinda limited… And I don’t think people will read the encyclopedia at the corner of the LRC. It is just too thick and old.

The ping pong area is moved to level 5 corner already… guess too many people compain about the ping pong ball flying here and there.
(not sure if they are playing table tennis without noticing there is a table. :smirk: )
Kena hit face twice while doing assignment at the ping pong area. hahaha

le jardin… that place is really isolated lah… only been there once for video shooting (part of assignment requirement)
can use for selfie if you want too. but not really many people purposely go there to enjoy the beautiful plants and flower pots.