HELP CAT Secrets

  1. You can check the book availability through this link before you travel all the way to the library and search all over the whole library then only realize they don’t have the book you want (it always happen).
  2. You can check the availability of the classrooms through Before you propose an event venue at DSA and department. The booking must go through the department though.
  3. Do not try random passwords combination at Computer Lab. Your account will be freeze after 3 trials and need to report to the Comp Lab officer. It takes a working day to defrost your account.

Hey, are these even secrets? Tell us more secretive stuff here! Let the discussion begin…

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Wow, didn’t know these! For all the while I thought students only can access to OPAC only from library that 2 computers (running Windows XP somemore…)

I still remember those time where we rush to computer lab just to print class notes or assignment to submit. The lab always FFK… It will have ACCA exam or classes going on when I need it most… Wish I knew that URL. :sob::sob::sob::sob:


we secretly hate people who don’t know what HELP CAT is. hahaha!

I bet you have read this article. hahaha

Thanks @Ivy the OPAC is very useful, actually the link is at HELP CAT website too, along with the online database (and even the HELP U OPAC)

I’m curious how you know about the rooms… None of my friends know that. :open_mouth:

The third point I saw the notice in Comp Lab too, didn’t know it can be that troublesome.

no. 2 is really a secret. I didn’t know that. Hehehe… Stalker level up


How many cat :cat: are there in HELP CAT?

HELP CAT, sounds like a center to protect and help cats.

You are secretly hated by @Wannabe_Adam_Levine

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

hahaha~ @Wannabe_Adam_Levine you just speak out for all us.

@DinosaurCola that article is just epic. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

@Ivy I saw what you did there~~ :smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk:

##Hey~ I’m not a stalker! OK? I’m just being observant. (praise me NOW)
I saw it few times when queueing in computer lab. The printer lady leave that page open (accidently?), so I just happened to remember that URL.
See~ This is call observant, not stalk, not even hack (I wish I’m that high level though…) :sunglasses:

@Wannabe_Adam_Levine you can read minds?

@HermioneStranger erm… you are welcome~ :blush: Just in case no one notice. I saw it long time ago but forget, I still remember my name top the list of that registration paper. so embarassing… :tired_face:

@Shinnosuke see here <url=>HELP CAT Hangout Places If you want, you can join too~ On Tuesday, bring your own yoga mat and dress comfortably.

hey @quan don’t kecoh here lar… see, you are secretly hated by someone already.

@Stardust I did nothing lar… if being observant is a sin, I’m a sinner. :cry: #dramaqueen

Thanks you all for participating!! let’s get this place more alive~ :v: :grin:

aiya… @Ivy explaining = finding reasons.
you are not a sinner, just a stalker :secret: (chop + close file)
This is the biggest secret so far :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

speaking of secret. I’m not sure if this is counted.
The books that you can borrow in library is divided into 2 types:

  1. Red Spot
  2. Open Shelves

Red Spot is only allow for students to borrow it for a day, if borrow over weekend then Monday must return.

Open Shelves can borrow for 14 days. If no one is waiting for the book, you can bring the book on 14th day and ask for renew another 14 days.

That’s how my friend and I save money on buying textbook. If the book is a piece of hot cake, I’ll ask my friend to book it and then she will be borrowing it and pass to me. And I’ll be doing the same for her. Hehehe…

Beware that a student can only borrow 4 books at a time.
Late return policy:
Open Shelves - RM1/day
Red Spot - RM5/day

Just to adding up what @PapayaWatermelon had mentioned, borrowing books can only done at the library counter and you MUST show your student ID upon borrowing. But if you want to return, just put it on the library counter and tell them, no student card is needed. The librarian will help you with anything (besides paying your late fine). :smile:

Also, you have to pay your fine at Level 6 Bursary. Show the librarian the receipt then only you can return your book at library.

Oopss… always referring the LRC to library. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

but not all subjects’ textbook available in lrc also… some lecturers still ‘strongly encouraging’ students to buy textbook. Padahal no one reads. Haih… Uni textbook very expensive one leh…