HELP CAT Interesting Facts

  1. Majority students here is Chinese, and we tend to mixed every language that we know in daily conversation.
  2. Active FB account is a MUST HAVE. We update everything in FB group, for example: (i) warning people that DBKL is coming to saman the illegal parked car. (ii) Update about cancellation of class.
  3. Classrooms are extremely cold at times, please bring something that can keep you warm enough to focus in class. But outside of class room is warm, and outside of classroom is hot.

What are other interesting facts you noticed of? Share it here and let’s discuss together!

hmmm… interesting fact… There will be students selling food or having charity project from time to time.
And they are selling yummy food!! Nom Nom… Most are hand made. But that day when I revisit, I saw culinary students are selling food at the lobby. They just got to a new level :sunglasses:

@Ivy do they make these?


erm… looking at the package, it is obviously bought from a shop.
Are you asking if they are doing something similar?

something similar, this one is from Penang :smiley:

I didn’t notice that though… they usually sells lasagna / pasta / small tarts. If want something “Malaysian” then nasi goreng tomyam.
Last time they sell pineapple cookies during CNY period though.

hahaha @Ivy funny lar… ofcourse is asking for similar stuff…
@Wannabe_Adam_Levine I never see them selling this but they sell Chinese Peanut Cookies during CNY too.

I think the first one applies to everywhere in Malaysia right?

the third point… I guess you can just request the lecturer to adjust the temperature. I always go early to class and test which direction the air-cond is directly blowing at, and then avoid sitting those area. hahaha~

wait… People get saman parking around college? why??
and just to be kepochi, how you deal with the saman, i mean, you won’t ignore it gua?

So far not yet kena saman. People kena because of double park or not parking within the box. I heard my friend says pay saman on that day itself or pay it within that week will get sort of ‘early bird’ discount. So she just pay around RM30-50.
But not sure with those who pay very late (like few months delay…) But last time they macam offer saman discount for everyone. Or maybe wait till that time only pay?

nope. not that I aware of. but their tart taste delicious~ #nom :yum:

fb. ya. seriously a must have. The first thing when form a group is to exchange fb and phone no. (for watsapp) to make sure can reach that fella. Group discussion usually doesn’t work in real life but might work in fb group. If anything happen, just screenshot the group activity and email lecturer so that can complaint about someone is not doing their part. Even though we still must vomit out the whole assignment, at least can make sure that opportunitist doesn’t get the same marks as everyone else in the group.