HELP CAT Hangout Places

Students usually gather at Lobby, Level 4, Level 5, Level 7 to eat, do assignments and group discussion.
Activities like practice dance or Yoga, students will go to Studio @ Level 4.
Yes, we have lecturer teaching Yoga in college!

What are other students’ favorite locations @ HELP CAT? Share with us, and let the discussion begin! :smile:

I really miss the Wok n Roll the rendang chicken and the spicy spaghetti. Their lunch set is really affordable and delicious. Why it close down… :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Wait… There is a yoga class in HELP CAT? Who is teaching???

I hang out mostly in the library but those SMK kids are really distracting. My geng cannot tahan them ady.

The Bad Boss atmosphere quite nice, just the dim lights and cool aircond make me feel asleep.
It’s a good place to eat but not a good place to study.
Try Espresso lab if you want to have a group discussion

Mind that the food at this 2 places quite pricey.

I read this the other day:

when I saw this:

There are 3 kopitiams*, 4 mamaks*, 5 restaurants and 6 cafes

i was like

Do we actually have this much of food choices around HCAT?

Yes @HermioneStranger.

3 kopitiams: Bai Li Men in front of college, the economy rice beside college, not sure the name but between the two mamaks there.

4 mamaks: the Star hotel (same row with the pharmacy), left to college main entrance, two more at the same row.

5 restaurants: One vegetarian, Bone&Pot, the corner pub (same row as Bone&Pot), XiangManQing Restaurant, Ah Yip Leng Tong,

6 Cafes: Bangi, OldTown, Bad Boss, Secret Recipe, Local Recipe, City Lounge Cafe (right side of college main entrance)

And there is a one new at the mamak area~ haven’t try their food yet.

During night time there will be a “Lok Lok” Van stop around the college.

Ms Christina is teaching Yoga every Tuesday afternoon. Just bring along your Yoga Mat and you are good to go, i guess.

Hey, don’t forget to mention that students and staff of HELP CAT can get discount from Local Recipe!
Just show your ID and no need to pay for the tax. :wink:

Whoah~~ really that many huh
@Shinnosuke you memang so free go to count :smirk:

i miss the old zap fan shop… last time same row as local recipe there has 1 zap fan shop. but it close at my second semester. That was long long long time ago though.
Now the new zap fan at wok n roll cafe location not nice one…