HELP CAT Facilities

  1. Activity room
    The activity room is an *aquarium. So anyone walk passed can see what are you doing with the gym equipments, pool tables, foosball table, and dart. Yes, we have these much things stuffed in a small room. WHAT?!
    *aquarium: rooms that have transparent glass walls
  2. Car Park
    Relatively expensive parking fee: RM3/hour, no discount. Best luck to you if you have long hour classes. :wink:
  3. Library
    We are not the only ones who can access to the library, some high school teens can access too, don’t be too surprise.
  4. Sick bay
    Good news ladies, if you are having your tough ‘first day’ there is a bed @ Level 4 for you to rest! You can get the key from DSA department @ Level 6 or from SNHU department.
  5. Vender machine
    There are machines selling drinks, snacks, and cup noodles @ Level 4 & 5. As well as water dispenser @ Level 4, 5, and 7.
  6. Computer Lab
    There is 1 main computer lab that is for students to print notes, only black and white, color printing is not available in campus. And other 2 computer labs for design and programming.

So, do you know what are the other facilities available in HELP CAT? How is the facilities working? Share with us!

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the 4th! Been there twice. Just as you said, tough ‘first day’. :smirk:
the SNHU lady quite nice though~
My friend likes to play around with that wheelchair. She seems so excited sitting on it. Maybe I should try it next time too. :stuck_out_tongue:

btw, the blanket has weird smell (i think is becaue of the room itself. It has weird smell when the lady opens the door) , the ventilation system in the room is not very good.

I’ve already lost faith at the car park. They had adjusted parking rate few times already and never decrease the price.

The gym is in an aquarium, but students seldom walk pass that area. it is at the corner of Level 7. So don’t feel ambarrassed, be confident with whatever your body shape is!

only used the vender machine for small snacks. never tried their cup noodle though. But I’ve seen in confession page that some food are expired. My friends say it’s normal lah… seeing that not everyone buy snacks from there (cause more expensive than market price).

The water dispenser at higher floors tend to be not working. Have to go level 4 to fill water. Guess the water pump not that good?

Oh ya. I’ve heard that printing and photostating at library requires another card that you could purchase at the library. Never used the facilities there before though.