HELP CAT Accommodation

There are two options for students, in-campus or off-campus.

In-campus, aka the hostel, is indeed the nearest place for students to stay. It is located just above the college.
Single room @ RM900 per person/per month
Twin Sharing @ RM500 per person/per month.

Some might think that’s a bit pricy for the size of the room, the unreliable Wi-Fi, and you can’t cook in the room. So you might consider renting a room outside.
Glad that the college is next to Chan Sow Lin Station, so you can consider renting at nearby LRT stations!

Check out the availability and price @ users here,, etc.
Are you finding roommates and/or housemates currently? Share it here, and let the discussion begin! :wink:

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To be honest, I stayed in the hostel for a year while I was in HELP CAT and the rooms are so small. I thought to myself that it will be OK since it will be a nice experience but to be honest there are a lot of students who prefer to reside elsewhere because look

and you have to pay 500RM to share a room!!

hahaha… not to mention the Wifi… :stuck_out_tongue:
with that price you can rent a condo with your friends.

I got a room for 350RM! :smiley: with one roommate! :smiley:

Good, where you got that from?
how about air-cond, laundry, cooking, wifi, utility bills?

I’m curious too~ are you eating out or cooking?
I heard that cooking is cheaper than eating out, is that true?

Students can always rent a unit near LRT station (if they don’t own a car).
Cheras, Salak Selatan, Pudu, Miharja, Maluri, Pandan Indah, etc always have rooms for rent.
Do the survey in Google. :wink:

Actually not that bad lar. At least you can hang out with hostel friends anytime right?
And small room means easier to clean the room. Less effort needed when doing the chores. Haha

(but I don’t live there though, only been to my friends room quite sometimes)

actually living up there also quite ok ma… can sleep really late and in between classes can go up sleep somemore.
Just that have to come down lobby to use the wifi lah… other than that ok ma…

Anyone can recommend any good condos or apartments for me to rent a room in? Preferably around the nearest LRT stations to HELP CAT. Thank you :smile:

oopss @cynthia_rsv not sure if you still need it.

Cheras: Bintang Mas Condo, Putra Suria Apartment, Seri Puteri Condo

Salak Selatan: Apartment Cemara, Bayu Tasik Condo

ps: Seri Puteri Condo is the newest condo.

Accommodation Room Hostel For Rent (Next to Help College of Arts & Technology) This new place for rent, private room range from RM600-1100 with fully furnished. Right at the One-Stop Residence next to the college.

Check out this new rooms at One Stop Residence private home. Room For Rent (Next to Help College of Arts & Technology)

Next to Chan Sow Lin LRT we have brand new rooms for rent. Rental from RM600 with double bed. Contact Vivian Ng 012-3847410 for room rental.