Have you heard of UCSI House of Talents?

UCSI House of Talents, also known as UCSI HOT.

Addressing it as a club is inaccurate, UCSI HOT is actually a programme directly under UCSI Student Affairs & Alumni (SAA). The motto is “Igniting the Passion Within” which emphasizes on their main aim which is seeking to reveal the hidden talents of UCSI University students. UCSI HOT is established to gather and enhance the various talented students in UCSI University.

Under the roof of House of Talents, members are categorized into two parts:

  • Masterminds - generally known as committees who holds fun and exciting events, workshops, training and meetups in purpose of to enhance talents and widen exposure of the talents. While in the same time, students can fully utilize skills and talents such as publicity, event planning, sponsorship dealing, and so on.

  • Talents - students in UCSI University who have four key talents: performing arts, spoken, visual and written. What they do is to perform and showcase talents at various events or projects.

UCSI House of Talents was launched in 2014 with a short history of events:

  • House of Talents Launching
  • Cycling Team Building with Facilitator Program
  • Magical Movie Moments concert at KLPAC
  • H.O.T. Showcase Stage #2 - Back to your 90’s Childhood
  • UCSI Escapade May 2015 with Facilitator Program
  • HOT Night 2015 - The Movie Capsule
  • Short+Sweet Malaysia at KLPAC
  • Paintball Outing - HOT Team Building

I was once part of UCSI House of Talents under Masterminds before I finished my studies. In fact, I was also one of the founding members of this programme. One year of building up this “house” brick by brick was worth it. I really learnt a lot and got to meet many new friends there.

If you are a UCSI student, please do join. For more info, drop by at www.facebook.com/ucsihot or look out for Ms Celine at SAA office.

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