Have some fun by joining special interest clubs in UCSI

Everyone comes with different hobbies or things that they are interested in. I personally are really into making art crafts especially when I am having long breaks. Here in UCSI we have a variety of special interest clubs that students can join and have fun doing the things that they like. Some of these clubs are Board Games Club, Chinese Orchestra Club, Dance Club, Debate Club, Photography Club and many more. The Chinese Orchestra Club is one my favourite. Their music is just so breath-taking that I would be there to watch their performance whenever I have the chance.

We’ve also got Gaming Club and Robotic Club that are especially popular among the guys. (Well, not only the guys as I was also super thrilled when I was watching the recent gaming tournament held in our campus) If you’re into different adventures like camping, expeditions or field trips, you can consider joining Adventure Club.

Joining or getting involved with one or more of these clubs will definitely give you some fun experience beyond your routine classes and studies. Now, if you’re a student in UCSI, what kind of interest club would you consider joining?