Good university to study design and art in malaysia

hello hello

need help here! :smile:
i’m graduating my high school this july. i like design and art so much, i wanna be a painter or designer :smiley:

now i’m confuse where to study :frowning: i know many colleges & university offer art & design course but i don’t know which one is good and really will help me to achieve my dream…

i don’t what end up wasting my parents money but the university not good 1 drama queen

please i need help, hope can get some enlightenment here :sob:

hi @soldiershy!!

I think one of the best choice is The One Academy…its located in Bandar Sunway…they offer many course for art and design… take a look to there website … gud luck!! :wink:

@indicescraven thanks for your info. I did some search about this uni, but i couldn’t get their fee… is it expensive to study there?

Lol One Academy is relatively expensive fees ranging to 70k or more
You want to study there you better be able to fork out the money :moneybag: :eyes:
but if you want a reputable university to study illustration and designing then this is one of them.
since their credibility is really good considering their best animators work in Disney-Pixar

Other university you can look at Limkokwing University
you can get some info about it using easyuni here

they have arts and designing courses as well as game animation courses if you have the interest.
Overall, there are more but these are definitely the most popular and challenging areas if you’re planning to pursue in art or designing.

I heard that MMU is also good, why not give it a try.

hmm… The One Academy and USM… But how about Raffles College of Higher Education? They are aslo known as design school right?
I am really passion in drawing, especially sketching, which course should I choose? :smile:

What is it like in art lessons and how do I improce/develop my own art style?

Art lessons would be a mix of theory, techniques, practice and digital.

I took arts in college and really hated the theories, but the practical made it all worth it. I would say, find your style by trying different methods and materials till you find your sweet spot.

Mine is landscape and water color. I also love impressionism because I absolutely love contrasts and colors.