Good deals in Nottingham Uni

The food at the University of Nottingham Malaysia varies in pricing, if you want cheap food or expensive food, there is definitely an option for you right here in the university. But, let’s say that you really overspent or for some reason broke at some point. Here are a few tips from me.

Join a club. To join a club, you will need to pay a certain amount of registration fees which would be just around RM5-20 depending on the clubs. But, be sure to attend the Induction Nights or Welcoming Nights which these clubs organized. You don’t just get to know people, you might get a chance of enjoying a good meal which is worth the registration fees which you paid!

The idea is that some clubs and associations are really good when it comes to budgeting their finance, and they managed to negotiate with the outsiders/cafeteria for some good catering.

You should also mingle around the SA Circle when you have the chance. Sometimes, there are pretty good offers from the booths held by the clubs and societies. I remembered having free drinks and a cookie just by posting their booth in our Insta Story, so you can get deals like that.

if this is about deals, i think you could check your email from time to time, there may be events which will offer free food in return with your help in survey and attendance…