Go Recycling with CAREVolution UCSI!

If you love staying green, UCSI is definitely for you! Here’s one of the latest recycling campaign we’re having in our campus - UCSI Recycling Segregation.

It’s a 6-week campaign organized by CAREvolution, a community in our university striving to promote a sustainable environment through student initiatives.

It’s pretty similar to the “Kempen Kitar Semula” or “Recycling Day” we used to have in our high school. All we need to do is to bring our recyclable wastes such as plastic bottles, aluminium cans, glass, cartons and newspapers to the designated collection point, and the team will help with the segregation. Of course, it’d be even greater if we do it together with them. :smile: And what’s more? They engage volunteers too! Check out some cute photos of the volunteers here:

It might look like just a simple activity, but imagine if each and everyone of us is taking part in it, we could definitely make our world a greener and better place!

Thank you, CAREvolution for bringing us such a nice programme! :raised_hands:

Glad to see such recycling campaign in university runs by student !