Getting Some Pocket Money Here

If you are fond of earning some extra money is the University of Nottingham Malaysia, here are some ideas I have for you guys.

Often times, we will be receiving emails to volunteer for some psychology experiments conducted by university students. These people are always looking for one-off participants, you will be paid around RM5-10, or if you are lucky, RM20 for your time.

If you are fond of working while studying, you can also try out being a research assistant by asking around the lecturers. I think that it will be really worth the experience as well if you are heading to the more academically path as well.

If you are interested to be part of the Student Association and help conduct the SA, being executive grants you monthly stipend as well.


Let’s not forget that being a hall tutor on-campus will give you the opportunity to experience being someone responsible with the living halls, while also getting a discount on your rental fee as well.
That’s all from me!

I agree on being one of the executives for the SA, if I’m not wrong, you get to earn at around RM500 monthly and you can beautify your CV as well.

I agree with joining the psychology experiments :slight_smile: They are fun sometimes and you still get paid.