General Studies Department (MPU)

All students, which are Malaysian, International and Malaysian citizens are mandatory to enroll, complete and pass the General Studies Department modules (formerly known as Compulsory Subjects) before the end of the graduation.

Apparently, this is a precondition for the award of degrees in Private Higher Educational Institutions (PHEI) under the Private Higher Education Act 1996. From my experience so far, once you started your degree studies, you will have to go through with a total of 4 modules, which are:

  1. Community Service
  2. Appreciating History
  3. Hubungan Etnik
  4. Culture Knowledge

I would strongly recommend that you book yourselves in the early stages of your degree, especially in Year 1 and 2, because there are normally time-costly and you would want to settle these modules as soon as possible since they are mandatory.

Im not quite sure if it is 4 modules or 3, because i have only done 3.

Yup, there should be 4!