Nowadays gamer has been increases day to day , and most of the gamer are influenced by their close friends .Gradually gamer in this generation have higher requirements on the tools that they used for gaming such as headphones, and i also part of them . Based on my experience , there is several basic needs for a good gaming headset . First of all sound quality , a good gaming headphones will reduce the unwanted noise and only provide the crystal clear audio . Secondly comfort , many of my gaming friends have bought before gaming headset that are cheap but has good quality sound , end up they realize is not comfortable after used for long hours . Last but not least materials of headphone , i guess probably most of the gamer have experienced using bad materials headphones .On my experience after used a bad materials headphones for few hours your ear might have a really bad feelings such as pain or itch , this is all because sound vibration flow . Brand is actually not as important as they thought . Several of my gaming friends thought that a good gaming headset should be expensive and famous brand , actually is not completely wrong but not everyone can afford expensive stuff . On my opinion , affordable and good quality headphones is actually still exist but we have to put effort looking for it because different people has different requirement .