Foundation Courses

Are you interested to study the foundation courses in UNM? Then, be sure to read on!

Being an ex-Foundation student in the UNM (University of Nottingham Malaysia), I can say that it was a pretty good transition for me to study my degree later on after my foundation course.

Of course, there are pros and cons.

One of the pros is you would have one of the best experience in your university life. Unlike A-Levels courses which make things 100% exam-based, the Foundation courses here does not only focus on things like your academic theories. You can expect things like assignments which help to train in your soft skills, like teamwork and communication.

Here’s one of my story back in my foundation course, which is the Foundation in Engineering.

Back in the years, we had a module which requires us to team up in a group of 20+ students in order to create an event of our choice. I guaranteed you, being in the university years, later on, you will pretty much not have sufficient time to enjoy the university life as of in the Foundation course.

Let’s not forget that the Foundation course also gives you a direct insight into the course you are looking into studying. For example, a Foundation in Engineering course would be specifying more into the field of Maths, Physics and a little bit of Chemistry. This allows a student to really study what they are truly interested in, and you wouldn’t have to take subjects which you do not like.

But, there are some disadvantages when it comes to studying Foundation courses.

Let’s say you still have no idea what to study. You chose to study Foundation in Business. You spent a year’s time to dive through what the theories behind the business, economics, finance, and accounting really is and then, you decided that you wanted to study Pharmacy.

That’s pretty harsh on you since you would be lacking the basics on Chemistry and Biology which you would be needing in the university course. So often times, be sure on what degree you are about to head to and then choose that Foundation course.

What are your thoughts on Foundation courses?

I studied Foundation in Science and there are actually many pathways for you to choose depending on your degree, like the Computer Science, Nutrition and Pharmacy.

I can’t speak for other foundation courses, but I think that foundation is a better choice for me because it is not accessed 100% on exams but also on practical stuff, like presentations.

I think that you should consider A levels over foundation course if you are more academically inclined…

In my opinion, I do think that the Foundation courses are still 80% inclined towards exam-based. So, unless you are okay with a 100% exam approach, or else I would actually highly recommend foundation courses, good transition.