Food Stalls around IMU :)

Hey peoples~

Just like to share some food stalls around IMU for the newcomers to see :slight_smile:

Might miss a few here and there but here goes !

p/s: all these are my personal opinion and experience with the food, YMMV.

a) Mamak Stalls (alongside the left Vista B)

The only stall that has a more "permanent" location I think? Also the only one that opens till late at night *(most other stalls close right after lunch hours)* . Sells typical mamak style food like mee goreng and some small dishes such as fish curry. Price is reasonable for a mamak stall

b) Nasi Kukus Truck (leftmost across the road of mamak, alongside vista C)

A canteen truck that sells nasi kukus only at a fair price of RM 5.00 per packet. Unfortunately it doesn't come everyday, but if it does you'll definitely notice the aroma of fry chicken ! There seems to always be a line, partly due to their slow serving speed. The rice portion is big, and if you want you can pick your chicken part. The curry is not spicy, though the diced chili added is quite (you can request to not have it). Overall the nasi kukus is nice, though nothing spectacular... then again, for only RM5 it's quite good.

c) Aunty Mix Rice Stall (Beside nasi kukus, alongside vista C. Non-halal)

The owner of the stall are two Chinese couples. There's an assortment of meat and vegetables for you to choose from. The price can be a bit fluctuating, depending on what you take, especially meat dishes. The couples are really nice and once you get to know them they'll remember you and have a chit chat. Sometimes discounts too :P

d) Indian Curry Stall (beside the aunty mix rice stall)

I never tried that one so I can't give much comments on it, but it seems to me that the stall sells curry of all sorts (with rice and vege), so if you have a craving for curry maybe you can try and see. *need more info*

e) Mix Rice Truck

It's hard to miss this one as there's always people crowding around the truck. Similar to the aunty rice stall, it sells sorts of vegetable, meat, and sometimes spaghetti. If there's any difference between the two I would say is a matter of preference. But hey choices is always good right? ;)

f) Foodies on wheels

A red food truck selling spaghetti of all sorts. The pricing may be consider "high" among the stalls there, but the portions is big and the pastas are flavorful and creamy. They also sell wedges and other finger snacks, as well as coconut milkshake. Sometimes they have specialty pastas that's for a “limited" time only, so be sure to check it out once a while

g) Chicken Rice Stall (rightmost stall, beside foodies on wheels) Non- Halal

Offers chicken rice of all sorts, such as the standard chicken rice, duck, or cha siew pork & etc. You can mix 2 kinds of meat together in 1 plate for a slight increase in price. I don't know much else about it as I myself am not a fan of chicken rice.

h) Macaroni, Burger & Rice truck (opposite the foodies truck)

A relatively new addition to the "circle of food", this still is manned by a single person. Sells mac & cheese, spaghetti, burgers and some special rice. Also allows for add on of chickens or sausages to you meal.

For drinks there are usually 3 stalls/ trucks, namely:

i) Juice & Smoothie Stall

j) Soya, Douhua and Herbal Tea Truck

k) Otea truck (similar to Chatime)

I think that's it! If I miss out any that you know of, please comment below so we can share the delicacies around IMU to those who will be or thought of enrolling here! :)

Thanks for compiling a list! :wink:

Even though there are plenty of choice, us students would get bored of it, so some of us go to Sri Petaling to get some food and chit chat wif some friends. Honestly this one we go there only twice or 3 times a week only.