FOOD in IMU (International Medical University)

As Malaysians, we all have one thing in common — FOOD!!!
So what are the foods available?


driveway stall a.k.a. Happy stall :slight_smile:
I call this stall the ‘Happy Stall’ because every time I buy something from this stall, I leave a happy kid!!!
This stall has soooo many kinds of kuih and lunch sets as well as 'pao’s that will make you go “Oh my goodness…WHAT should I buy? Because they ALL look delicious!!!” mouth-watering much!
Oh, did I mention the price? You can buy something from as low as RM1 !!
Obsessed about this stall haha Okay…moving on

Bread stall
Next to “Happy Stall”, there’s a bread stall selling fresh batch of breads every day. =)

LG floor:

Chinese stall
At this stall, there’s a wide variety of vegetables, chicken and fish options as well some vegetarian food available. Though I’m not sure if vegetarian option is available daily or just on certain days in a week.If mixed rice isn’t what you’re feeling that day, you can order ala carte from their menu too.
p/s: The menu is hanging from the ceiling. So lift that chin up a bit, a’rite? :stuck_out_tongue:

Malay stall
Malay stall usually have lots of curry options, some kuih and fried food.
They also have ala carte items like fried meehoon, fried noodles, a variety of fried rice - Jakarta, Pattaya, Kampung etc.
p/s: Yes, you guessed it. Their menu is from the ceiling too.
pps: ALL the menu hang down from the ceiling haha

Indian stall
This stall is for all Indian food lovers!! Besides all the spicey (get it? Spice-ish haha ok nvm ==’’) dishes, they even have chapati, roti canai, thosai etc.

Noodle stall
This stall sells lots of noodle/meehoon-based food such as Keoy Teow Soup, Mushroom chicken noodle and dumpling soup etc. You can mix and match meehoon, keoy teow and noodle for all dishes available at this stall.
You can order it with or without soup. ^^
Isn’t that fun?!! So much more decisions to make in a day :sob:

Chee Cheong Fan/Yong Tau Foo
Chee Cheong Fan - flat or round ones - has sweet sauce and sesame seeds poured over it and if you like a bit of heat, you can ask for chilli sauce :hot_pepper: to be poured over it too. YAYY :tongue:
Yong Tau Foo is basically choosing a bunch of stuff that you crave for and eat it with soup.
The uncle will heat it for you first, don’t worry.

Chicken rice stall
Well, as the name suggests, this stall sells chicken rice. They have roasted chicken, white chicken that’s NOT roasted (I’m not sure if it’s called ‘white chicken’ but it’s called 白斩鸡 in Mandarin). In addition to that, they sell some noodles too. They even have spinach noodles for y’all healthy eaters.

Palestanian stall
Here is where you’ll find the oh-so-wonderful Shawarma - basically wrapping some cut chicken and cabbage as well as glorious french fries in a tortilla and topped off with mayonnaise and some chilli sauce that’s not spicy. at. all. So no worries.
If you think that won’t fill you up, you can also opt for shawarma plate which has a larger portion and rice!! :wink:

Western food
Opposite the Palestanian stall is the where you’ll find all the Western stuff – waffles, chicken chop, fish n chip, spaghetti, french fries. You can choose peanut butter, blueberry jam, strawberry jam and…something else for the waffle. I think it wouldn’t hurt for you to find out yourself what the last option is. hahaha :upside_down:

Next to the Western world, you have fruits. Dragonfruits , pears :pear:, apples :apple:, bananas :banana: where it’s already been cut into cute cubes OR you could pick and choose what fruits you want and make it into a delish smoothie. :thumbsup: :grin:

1st floor

No, you don’t eat books, you bookworm. :unamused:
But what you can eat from this bookstore are snacks!! Ice cream, potato chips, Gardenia breads, biscuits and many, many more!!

3rd floor

MediFood a.k.a Healthy food
This is located in the library also known as ‘library cafe’ by IMU students.
If you want to eat healthy, this is the place for you!
Less oil, organic and fresh.
It can be a little bit pricier though.
Oh, if you want fresh made ice cream, it’s available here too. They take frozen fruits and make it for you on the spot.
How cool is that?! :open_mouth:

4th floor

R.E.D corner
This stall sells a bit of everything - bread, waffles, drinks, fried meehon, nasi lemak, fried noodles etc. Genius! :heart_eyes:

Vending machines
Snacks, coffee, Milo

extra: COFFFFEEEEEE :coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee:

I know coffee plays a big role in y’all people’s life so ta-da~~~ You can get your daily dose of coffee at MadAlchemy located at driveway. But if you’re into tea :tea:, you can get it from MadAlchemy too ^^
They have promotions every now and then too! So keep an :eye: :eye: out ya?

That’s all folks! Hope you won’t ever get hungry in IMU :smile_cat: