Food in an Isolated Space?

Here are a few guides for you on what is edible in the University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM), or also known as the “jungle”

Being a student here, there are really a few things and advice I can give for any future students who are looking forward to studying here but are concern about the food options. Feel free to share here about what are some places with good food so we can explore them!

Every Tuesday, we would actually have a bazaar organized by our own university’s Enactus Club. What you can expect are basically food trucks coming in the university compound. You will be able to enjoy a variety of food such as:

  1. Nasi Lemak (we have other nasi lemaks on campus, but you can get one of the cheapest here from RM3 onwards!)
  2. Tealive!
  3. Chinese dumplings
  4. Keropok lekor, curry puffs, fried snacks!
  5. Any many more!

How about you guys in UNM? Do you guys have any suggestions on other food to recommend?

UNM student here, i recommend broga hakka mee, here’s the location:

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I agree the broga mee really nice…

But all these if your friend got car then it will be good, can eat outside food…

The cafetria food is edible too… And there is subway and secret recipe options.

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How can u stand cafeteria food bro? I recommend new students to eat outside of campus, more options and affordable price.

Actually quite agree with the noodle with mushroom at Broga just near the campus of UNMC about 5mins driving distance. If you dont like the noodle with mushroom also can try with other like spicy sour mee or loh mee.

Yup, I agree with the noodles too. The outside should look something like this, definitely worth some tries!