Financial aid and scholarships at UCSI

Undeniably, affordability is a common criterion used in selecting a university. This is especially true for students who are financially constrained and many of them thought that they would need to give up on their dreams due to their circumstances. However, that is not necessarily the case!

UCSI University offers a variety of financial aids including UCSI University Trust Scholarship (which is now supporting my studies), UCSI University Trust Pre-U Scholarship, UCSI University Trust Sports Bursary and more. They are generally easy to apply, and all the application forms are downloadable through the university’s official web site. Alternatively, they can be obtained from the Student Enrolment Centre. Each type of the scholarships comes with different requirements, but as long as you think you meet the criteria of any one or more of them, you may apply for it!

Personally, the scholarship that I have received has helped me a lot and thanks to the financial aid, I am able to further my degree studies in the field that I aspired to pursue. Now, it is your turn. Believe in yourself and go for it!



Anything is possible when you take action to make your dreams happen :wink::ok_hand:


Sounds so nice, I would like to know more about it.

Hi! You may find out more about it here: :blush:

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