Fees too expensive?

Personally, I think there are the pros and cons of being here at the University of Nottingham.

The biggest disadvantage is probably how the price of the tuition fees are just really high as compared to other universities we have in Malaysia, although it really cannot be blamed since this university is a branch campus of a reputable campus out there.

Let’s not forget that this university does offer some pretty good exposure to software and connection with other industries. So probably that is why the price just goes so high.

Yes… Quite pricey if u compare to tarc and other public unis… I got friends jpa and other scholarships then easier for them to be in here… Or else you can try to win urself the dean’s list in ur studies… Be the top 10% in ur course… Can get 25% reduction in fees.

I think price is okay. Cause when you graduate you will be getting the cert without saying which campus you from, that means Is internationally recognised. Fees around rm20-40k depending on course, you study overseas over exceed the amount.