Fast-track Foundation Programme for SPM leavers

I’m not sure whether you guys are aware of this but UPM offers a fast-track programme foundation for SPM leavers who wish to study at UPM. This happens every October (so watch out for their announcement).

The fast-track foundation programme prepares students for a wide range of courses related to agriculture, agro-bio and also science. Students can choose from various fields of study for their degree.

The pros of this foundations programme is that:

  • start degree studies at the age of 18
  • tuition fee is approximately RM2,500
  • guaranteed placement in degree programmes at UPM
  • various courses to choose from

I heard the qualification requirements are tough - Candidates must have excellent results in their SPM trial examination by obtaining 5 and 2 Grade A-Grade B+ in any of the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Add Maths, Physics, BM, English and that you need to pass all subjects (that’s 8 subjects per semester).

Anyone here currently taking the fast-track programme? Share your experiences.

What if I decide to transfer to another public university, can I use my foundations?

It depends on the university, but since this is a special programme tailored for UPM’s degree courses it may not be credited by others.