Fashion tips for uni students, college life

Have you ever stood in from of a closet full of outfits and wondered “I have nothing to wear!?” Well, who hasn’t🤷‍♀️


Here are some fashion tips to help you out of this confusion;

  1. Find your signature style by asking people around you what you look best in, and also the outfits you feel most comfortable in to help you narrow it down.
  2. Show skin selectively so as not to give people too many things to look at once. For instance, if you are going for a low-cut dress, focus on the cleavage instead of bare arms and legs.
  3. Mix patterns and prints to help you achieve a chic style. You can do so by sticking to a similar color family for the background shade and play with the pattern pairings such as florals with polka dots and finish your look with neutral accessories.
  4. Wear the right jewelry. For example, to make your face look radiant, opt for lighter coloured jewelry and go for the right pair of earrings that flatters your face shape. Long earrings tend to make your face look skinnier and is more suited for round faces.
  5. Don’t try to match your outfit and accessories but instead wear colours that complement each other and like colors that are opposite on the color wheel.

Any sample? :heart_eyes:

For the third point I mentioned, I think that this picture is a good illustration. The outfit is simple and at the same time elegant.