Facilities in INTI Subang

INTI College Subang has upgraded their facilities for the students. When we talk about facilities, we are looking at whether the facilities provide benefits to us or not. INTI did showed that they did care about us the students life in campus. Let me show you the facilities that INTI has prepared for students.

  1. Cafeteria
    INTI has upgraded their Cafeteria to have more space, more variety of foods and most importantly the food is CHEAP! There are many choices of foods for students to choose such as nasi lemak, chicken rice, spaghetti, fried rice and many more. The price are cheap for students because when we compared to we eat at outside restaurants will be too expensive for a student.

  2. Library
    Compared to the old library, this new library has been amazing for students. It look so classy and they did provide computers for students to use. INTI library also provide printing service for students. Therefore, we can save time to walk out to printing shop to print. The library is very clean, the librarian is very friendly as well and we student can book discussion room for group discussion.

  3. Class rooms, Auditorium, Lecture Hall
    INTI provide lots of classrooms for small class or medium class, lecture hall for classes that have more thana 80 students and Auditorium for events such as Talks. The tables and chairs has been upgraded and it’s NEW to use compared to the old furniture. There will be enough table and chairs for every class room. You may need to bring your jacket to class because it is very cold especially during rainy days. Auditorium are very huge and sometimes there will be events such as football session, or talks which can held at least 100 students

  4. Leisure facilites
    In INTI, we can find other facilities such as Boost, Residential places, recharge room, and counseling center. Students may look at this facilities as some of them are from other state and they required accommodation. INTI did provide accommodation such as My Place apartment. It just opposite INTI and it has other facilities nearby there such as ATM machines, cafes, mini-market and stationary shop
    5.Student Hub and Recharge Room
    INTI has a new student hub and recharge room. Both facilities is for student to use as to rest and to doing their work. Recharge room is something special whereby students get to sleep in there when they are tired and have another class which they need to wait for one or more hours. Therefore, they can go to recharge room to take nap a and recharge energy for them.

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How much is a Nasi Goreng Ayam or Nasi Lemak Ayam at the cafeteria?

Woah, students are super lucky to get a recharge room! Working adults have to pay to get such facilities in a co-working space :wink: but is it open on weekends to do assignments and videos?

Wow, so many facilities available and it’s free for INTI students!!! It will be helpful to students that have long lecture hours and planning to stay back after class.