Facilities Available around UPM

When it is your first time going to a new place, you should have surveyed the facilities available around, right? Then, here I am to enlighten your survey if it is about UPM facilities.

1. Wifi

No worries about internet connection, UPM absolutely have it!

Thats it! The name of UPM wifi connection. I can assure you that it will not be long until you call it U Siput. :stuck_out_tongue:

But no worries! They have free wifi access at the Serumpun Cafe and also Putra Food Court. That is maxis wifi and it is FAST! :racehorse:

2. Sports Center

For your information, UPM is one of the universities with a lot of national athletes as its students. Thus, sports center should not be an issue!

There are a lot of futsal courts, basketball courts, netball courts and also badminton courts. But you want to play football, softball or even rugby? You shall feel satisfied because UPM is occupied with two big fields named Padang A and Padang B.

But you are more to field track? UPM has its own Sports Complex that is complete with the tracks and also near to hockey courts and archery center. Not to forget, the gym too! If you’re lucky enough, your college might have their own gym too. :wink:

But the gym was less equipped? You can always go to gyms nearby at Sri Serdang. :muscle:

You practice street workout, you said?

UPM students who love or practice street workout will be at Kolej Tun Dr. Ismail (KTDI) and also Bukit Ekspo. There, you’ll be able to do your human flag, L-Sit, V-Sit and etc.

Joggers shall never have a problem here in UPM. You can choose to either jog around at Bukit Ekspo which surrounded by nature or just go around the campus and see buildings. :sleeping:

3. Printing and Binding

As a student, printing is our other job then just finish the assignments given. Or else we won’t get any marks. :stuck_out_tongue:

A famous printing places around UPM will definitely be Old Flat or its Malay name is Flat Ikan. Why Flat Ikan is because, from what I read, it used to be near the Fakulti Perikanan before the faculty was moved out.

That is how it looks like. You should be patient enough to survey other stores first as you might get a cheaper price. They also make thesis binding and photostat those expensive text books you might feel not worth buying. :v:

you can just walk there in less than 5 minutes if you’re at Faculty of Environmental Studies or nearby.

4. Banking

Need to deposit some cash or just cash out a check? UPM have bank inside it. (Yeayy!) But it is only CIMB. It is located near to the Faculty of Food Science and Technology. Other bank that is located near to UPM which is around Sri Serdang area are BSN and Maybank. :dollar:

5. Health Center

Being a student entitled you to get free medical treatment at UPM Health Center or famously called as PKU.

Get into serious injury? you can always go to Hospital Serdang. Its just nearby. :ambulance:

6. Library

Hey you bookworms out there or people who just want to find some quiet place to rest your mind, UPM have it; the LIBRARIES.

UPM have five (5) different libraries located at different places.

  1. Main Library (In Campus)
  2. Medicine & Health Sciences Library (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)
  3. Engineering & Architecture Library (Faculty of Engineering)
  4. Veterinary Medicine Library (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine)
  5. Special Collection Division

So yeah, by the name of it shall makes you know which library will store your sources right? :wink:

That’s it with my topic this time. Leave your comment below and I’ll get to you! :blush:

Wow. UPM literally have it all. :open_mouth:

errr… doesn’t it eveyone goes for e-book, online journal already?