Facilities are offered by MIA

(a) MIA Scholarships:

Nationwide Art & Design Scholarship

Dong Jia Zong Scholarship / United Chinese School Commitee Association of Malaysia Scholarship

Sin Chew Daily Education Fund

Nanyang Education Fund

Academic Achievement Scholarship

(b) MIA Financial Aid:

Financial aid is available for application by deserving or needy MIA students from 2nd semester onwards.
Refer to Head of Department or Student Affairs Department.

Art & Design Research Centre:

The main objective of the centre is to encourage the teaching staff to engage in Arts and Design research projects for the purpose of enhancing the quality of teaching and learning.

Computer Lab:

MIA Computer Lab is now equipped with the most advanced iMAC with Adobe CS4 software and PCs with a range of the latest software for 2-D, 3-D and animation design. It is also equipped with Colour, Black & White laser printers and scanners that are among a wide range of facilities provided to the staff and students for teaching and learning purposes.

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