Experiences Studying in UPM

UPM students will can surely relate to this

So now, enjoy and relax while reading a little bit story of my experiences in UPM.

Thanks to UPM, I got to do something new. The offers and environment are quite good for me though. Easy access to anywhere. (well, not gonna mention bout the management)

still thankful for that

UPM is an university with A LOT of cultural activities that you can join. It also offers you Job On Campus.

Some might just want to focus on academic but different case it is fro me. I just can’t stand doing nothing. I love in keeping myself busy. :v:

Joining theater does really sacrifice my nightlife and weekends. Then how did I do my assignments? I just did it. You shouldn’t make it as your excuses though, its bad to do so. You can do well if you can manage your time and self well.

I’ve been joining theater since my first year and up till my last year. Yup. Even on the semester where things are crazy like hell, I still join in. That’s just me.

Oh yeah! I do sports too. I have this kind of curiosity in trying everything new. One new sport to me that I try while my study on UPM, Rugby Touch. Quite tough game I would say. Hew~

I do other sports too if sleeping is counted. :stuck_out_tongue: (kidding la!) I tried handball too.

Didn’t come from a very rich family push me hard to be an independent student. Remember I’ve mention about Job On Campus earlier?

If you got accepted for this, you can work while studying and your rate will be RM7/hour.

Well as for me, I do work while studying in UPM but not under this scheme. I got to the one that is called Program Khidmat Pembangunan Pelajar (PKPP).

So, what did I work as? I work as a Radio Announcer at Putra FM, which is the Radio Campus for UPM, and have worked for 3 semesters. Definitely a good experience to have. I got to handle all the stuff like a pro alone and do an on-air interview. It does really mean so much to me.

Not stopping with that, I’ve also joined an Asia Summer Program on my second semester where I’m being the only representative for UPM to South Korea. One of the best experiences as an UPM student I could say. Totally get me to know more people, learning more bout other cultures and also fasting at a foreign country. :airplane:

More and more opportunities are given to me to be experienced semester by semester. Up till my final year now, I’ve also MC several occasions, international conference and events for UPM, either it be formal or informal.

There wont be success if you’re not daring enough to take the first step.

All these experiences has made me become to a better person of myself actually. I’ve got access to the talents I’ve never knew, confidence level I think that would never go high and an open minded that I don’t even think can be open.

You can ask me anything for further detail or share your interesting stories with me too. :slight_smile:

wow! what an active student you are. I wonder how you manage your time with studying and stuff. :sweat_smile:

There’s one semester where I actively join extra curricular activities and my GPA dropped quite a lot. I’m afraid to be so active after then. Guess I’m not well with my time management. :sweat:

time management is very important. That once happened to me too. But as long as it doesn’t go below 3.5, I’m okay and try to be better next semester. Fighting! :muscle: