Experience in HELP CAT

Studying at HELP CAT is not my first plan, there are certainly something that doesn’t satisfy for example the resource fee that everyone are complaining at the confession page, but I would say the overall experience is quite good.

It is very near LRT station, which cut down a lot of transportation cost. It is very easy to access but it is crowded during the peak hours (i.e. before 9am and after 5pm).
It is also easy to jio friends to Times Square / Pavilion / Lot 10 / Fahrenheit 88 to yamcha and shopping. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Favorite spot is Pudu Station’s Wong Si Nai Chinese Restaurant. The food is in bigger portion and their drinks are named differently. Do drop by there if you pass by Pudu station ya, it’s just next to the LRT station.

Most of the lecturers are helpful when comes to consultation, they are willing to devote their time and resource just to make sure students fully understands the lecture topics/assignment requirement.
You can reach them via their different consultation hours you will know at the first day of class in the course outline. If not, ask them for it. Most lecturers also encourage students to drop them an email to book a slot for consultation. This can allow the lecturer to allocate their time more efficiently, and give a more thorough consultation. Hey, they have stuff to do too!

Honestly, the facilities I like the most is not the learning resource center nor the compunter lab. I like the cleaniness of the toilet. :blush: Call me a freak if you want to, I don’t care. there are many girls taking selfies in toilet too~ I’m not alone
I think toilet is the second place that students visit the most around the campus. So, it is important to keep it clean all the time. From what I observed, the cleaners clean the toilet 3-4 times per day. That’s why it doesn’t has weird smell. but the toilet tissue are not always filled though
Well, I am talking about the ladies room though.

What else did I missed? tag me @ if you want to know more. not guaranteed will repy asap though

The toilet…

The lecturers really that good? Only few lah…

I like your picture. somehow related to the Toilet topic?

But the lecturer if good then memang very good, if not… he he he… good luck to you.

guys are not really that clean but better than Times Square’s toilet already lah…
There are people still smoke inside toilet. ish ish ish…