Exclusive Magazine of UCSI

Pricey subscriptions and nothing new to read? That won’t happen with our very own magazine, The UCSI Gazette! This exclusive magazine comes with fresh highlights of our university including the latest events, student achievements and many other cool stories.

New volumes are out every two months and guess what, it’s totally free of charge!
Look at the latest volume I’ve got:

These magazines are placed in various corners around the campus. You can easily find one at the entrances of each faculty office or in our Student Enrollment Centre. Here’s the ones
placed outside our Faculty of Business and Information Science office:

Just in case if you couldn’t get one, no worries! You can check them out here on our website too: https://www.ucsiuniversity.edu.my/gazette. :wink: All the volumes are published here in digital format so you can check them out on your phones whenever you want. They are not only fun to read and you can also gain an insight into the great happenings in our university. :smile:

Wow, that’s great! still can read from e-magazine.