Event Planning on Campus

The University of Nottingham Malaysia is one of the universities with the most clubs and associations in Malaysia, reaching close to 70+ clubs and societies, which includes academic societies, sports, special interests, religions, and cultural clubs. With these, you can pretty much find one club which would suit your interest and needs. Or else you can even find a few of your like-minded friends to start up a new club!

Now, can you imagine if each of the clubs has their own events going on? This means that this university would have to reach close to a hundred events for you to participate as a guest or even being part of an event team which I would highly recommend. Event planning is something which really trains your communication skills with people you just met and teamworking skills. From there, you might also got to meet some of your best-est friends ever.

It wouldn’t be difficult to be involved at any of these events. Just join any of the clubs which you think is interesting. Then, normally, these clubs have annual meetings to start off the night and welcome the students to take part in their event planning team. Sometimes, you don’t even need to be part of the club, they might just send an email for recruitment for team members.

Not only you are able to spend some quality time while staying on campus, but you might also get to build up a network of friends at the university. This is why I enjoy campus life at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. For example, I have participated and experienced being an event coordinator for a Halloween event ongoing on campus. That night, I managed to befriend people from different courses and we sure do have fun as well!

yess, probably a must for anyone studying in this uni… you should try out what is here for some friendship and worthwhile experiences…