Effective groupwork

You shouldn’t dread about groupwork just because of that one particular slacker always present in the group. To make the most of groupworks, the first step is to find a group of people who challenge and inspire you bringing out your best abilities.
Here are some tips for effective group work

  1. Appoint a group leader who can plan and monitor the group’s activities ensuring that each member contributes to their assigned role and complete the tasks given to them on time.
  2. Discuss the group’s aims and objectives to make sure that everyone works towards a common goal and they have a shared understanding of the problem.
  3. Brainstorm ideas, tasks to be assigned and plans to be undertaken so as to approach a problem and also to achieve the group’s aims and objectives.
  4. Allocate tasks and set deadlines to ensure that every member has something to contribute to the whole project within a scheduled period of time.
  5. Arrange regular meetings to review the group’s progress and decide the steps that will be taken next.
    As the saying goes on “Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success.”