Drone delivery service

image https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/09/24/glitch-in-smart-city-progress

I’ve just read this… and it is mentioned abt the drone delivery services… I didn’t expect technology like this are on their way… do you guys agree on it?



The drone technology is constantly evolving. I believe the drone delivery coming soon to our life and it will be the cheapest courier service.

we are ald on it, but the drone can carry how heavy is it??

As far as i know, hobby drones can carry capacity from 0.3 to 2 kg while professional Drones can carry capacity from 20 to 220 kg.

I’m wondering what technology is used to control the movement of drone? technology 5G?

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5G can connect many devices and support the use of new applications worldwide. It’s can move drones too and can be easy to use with 5G supporter.

Is it safe like this? How they can that drone delivers things safely?

Is it better the drone with 5g? What are the effect? Will be better and faster handling the drone? I’m still confuse with this

Sure, drone will perform better with technology 5G introduced by TM. I think using technology 5G can control the drone much more easier.

Yes, sure. I think drone can be more easier to handle with technology 5G introduced by TM. 5G will unlock the true capability of drones. Lynn Comp, director of market development at Intel, cited the example of a drone flying over an oil drill with a video camera. The network will allow for precise control of the drone, while sending back high-definition video.

yaya…technolgy 5G will bring secure, fast and reliable network…i can’t wait to use it…

Actually they have main control center, and follow those instruction and fly over to the house and send the parcel to them

i also cant wait for this such a good reward, i hope but parcel can arrive soon

Yes. Some of the societal benefits are economic considerations, improvements in emergency response systems, overcoming delivery problems to remote areas, and pollution reduction.

Not a surprise for me to be honest, due to the congested traffic nowadays I guess they just have to find some alternatives and drone is a suitable way to solve this.

Of course they have some guidelines for example the maximum weight that it can carry and there are always people to monitor the route of the drone so that it wont lose the packages, all can be done with 5G.

It is definitely a nice addition to courier services, sometimes it is too much packages to be delivered with van and thats why our packages always late to arrive, but this drone service can solve such problem.

Cant wait to see what TM is capable of, last time they bring in Unifi, now they are working on 5G, for sure they have no problem with that with all their experiences and expertise.

There are so many benefits that come from 5G, TM is working hard to bring Malaysia to the next level and able to compete with other SEA countries, we must give them all our support.

i agree much on this, maybe in future the courier service will be replaced by these drones helper… especially when 5g come and all things will be wireless and autonomous…