Does internet or social media beneficial for students?

Yala, bcause their IQ is not tat high so can’t think very wisely, need their parents or teacher to guide them

I also don’t understand why kids nowadays very addicted to gaming, is there any special about the game that they playing?

Other company also have access to Internet, but there are rarely to invest in such rural place or kampung2, so if we don’t have tm, who wanna invest in that such place

Nowadays, we pay bills or parking only thorugh online. No need to hassle with physical cash so on. So easy right

Yes. Even people do online business using internet. Like in the video that you share earlier. Easier for them to promote into global.

As far as I know, TM was the one who bring the internet into Malaysia in the first place. Only then other provider follow them. So yup. Without them there won’t be any internet in the country like now.

dun say only kids addicted lar, parents nowadays also addicted to surf through social media…because they r too attractive…

no really, some place still dun hv tm coverage but already have other telco coverage

if compare to other country speed of internet, our country loss a lot, the internet’s speed is damn slow

Ya, thats why we need to make the internet really useful ya

Tm are still widening their coverage area, so let them do their job and just appreciate what we have now ya :blush:

aiya, but they widening their coverage area so damn slowly, i think 5g launch out ald rural area still hv to use slow speed of internet

how we complaint them the yalso do their work slow, just ignore them

call customer service coz the wifi gt problem, then they need to use 1 week to solve the problem

Yes I know, just be patience. They have their own procedure on widening the coverage area so do be patient

Mine got problem last week, the tm technician come in less than 24 hrs. My friend use other home internet, took even a month and still no technician come to repair. More worst than that.

Well in my opinion, social media has been a major influence in our current generation.
from the dates of our day to day living, to the place we obtain information about our peers, and global occurrences, it is not from any other platform but social media.

Take for example FB, it is mostly the source of information I obtain. I even have udates about my college from there.

Hence to answer the question, yes it is definitely beneficial, it is definitely a platform, everyone should be equipped with. Although I do stand by the fact that many aspect of social media should be changed but in my option social media still stands beneficial.