Does internet or social media beneficial for students?


Nowadays, we always see youngsters with their phone all the time, most of the time surfing the internet and social media. So, I want to ask some opinions. Does internet or social media beneficial for students?

I’m a architecture student in one of the uni here… right now i’m doing my final year project in woodcarving towards architecture in Malaysia… what i’m going to say is, internet do benefits students like us… Easier for us to search all related on the topics… Recently, i 've saw a video on woodcarving and internet on tm channel… For merdeka i guess…

The video really open up people eyes on the importance of arts and crafts in Malaysia…

It’s really helpful especially for college students to solve their assignment and find the info about something related to the course work.

After this video uploaded, I can say that the kid will learn something new about our culture so that they won’t forget about this art

Yes it is beneficial, but the students themselves need to have some self control also, especially on the social media where people like to use it as a platform to spread negativity.

To be honest I myself is not really familiar with all the arts and crafts in Malaysia as we have different culture and ethnics among us, but this video did make me realize the importance of knowing all of them.

That why they have to differentiate whether the things is good or wrong.

Nice video there. In my opinion, the video also encourage us to use internet for marketing purposes like business. Internet also can promote our lifestyle like in the video on how we crafting, woodcarving and other things towards global.

Ofc benefit the students if they use it wisely, not for surf through social media with not purpose

I think tm spread the marketing purpose so slowly since we use online business 5 years ago

Ppl below 12yr old is quite hard to differentiate the good and the wrong, they need their parents to tell them

But without TM, there won’t be any internet exist in Malaysia and also only little improvement to our country… TM changes a lot to our country…

Agree with you… Nowadays the internet also exist in outskirt areas like in Felda etc, which can benefits them very well… So everyone can use internet as TM really cares about all Malaysian…

For student it much better because if we have any coursework to do, then we can easily find it the detail on internet, so it can save much time there rather than u have to open the book one by one

Than if like that, we have to supervise them so that they don’t do anything suspicious

Yeah that’s why the public need to be educated not to believe everything they see on social media, if in doubt just use the internet to do some research on their own instead of just believing blindly.

I agree with you on that, a lot of teenagers nowadays had started to make money through online marketing which allows them to earn their own pocket money instead of depending on their parents all the time.

Well its okay for them to use social media once awhile to get connected with their friends who are far away but just not to get too addicted with it until need to browse it every 10 minutes, everything has its ups and downs.

If tm dun provide internet to us, i think other campany also will provide to us

I gt one fren, he is very addicted to play the online game, cause him can’t focus on his study