Do you really like to study?


Guys, do you really like to attend class? reading notes? listen to class and gain knowledge?
Some people really do, seriously they do. I respect.
Or you just want a college degree that’s why you stare at your notes before the exam for hours?
Or you just got nothing better to do than hanging around in the campus to meet your friends?

Not judging, but that’s life, we do not get to choose always… unless you dare to drop out like how those successful billionaire did and go for their own great business idea.

Seriously, no judging… just comment below if you got anything to say regarding the way you look at your study…


during first year of degree. I do like to study for every upcoming test and exams. Sometimes, it feels worthless to study all the time when some of your classmates cheating during tests.


I do like study and gaining knowledge in what i am interested , i love accounting ,finance and investing and i would search addition information in those field .

However i my course we also have subject like microeconomic ,malaysia studies which i am not so interested in it so i just memorise the note and forgot it after exam :joy:


I love to learn. that’s what life is all about. well… I have to confess I don’t really like exams, but learning is what care a lot