Do you love Biology but do not want to be a doc?

When I was in high school, I remembered being a Biology fanatic. I watched thousands of videos and read thick books on human bodies. I also loved doing accounts and commerce.

All I know is that I hated being in the hospital to be a doctor and lack the patience to be a teacher or a professor. Thus, going into college, I dropped Biology, focused on environmental science as I was leaning towards Economics and Business.

I wished I knew more possibilities about Biosciences other than research and being a doctor itself.

Recently, I discovered that a good career path would be in the pharma industry. If you are a Bio lover like myself and also have crazy love for business and entrepreneurship, some career options would be a medical liaison officer and a medical representative.

Basically, these roles exist in the business side of different pharmaceutical companies (businesses that produce medical drugs). A medical liaison officer would run programs with medical practitioners on the latest trends, findings, and drugs in the industry. The medical representative would market different drugs to clinics and hospitals. Both these careers can later level up to a marketing or sales manager.

Image taken from PharmaBoardRoom