Do you ever feel like no one would understand you?

More often than not, we get a little anxious when we step into university as we need to adapt to the new environment. Stress may start to build up especially when we face courseworks
that are pretty much different from what we did back in high school. Both the format and requirements may seem very unfamiliar for some.

This is actually quite normal and I believe every students would undergo this experience.

However, while some are able to get through it without much issues, there may also be students whose emotions will be badly affected by it. To the extreme, depression, panic disorder or other emotional disorders may strike students who couldn’t cope with the increasingly stressful academic journey.


If this ever happens to you, never hesitate to approach your university counselors. They are always ready to listen to you and provide helpful emotional supports.

In UCSI, our Student Development & Counselling Department (SDCD) plays this important role of helping students to overcome any difficulties or challenges that they face over their years of study. Our counselor team not only offers individual and group counselling services but also organizes talks or other events from time to time to raise awareness about mental health.

There was also this once when I felt so overwhelmed with workloads and decided to join their stress management workshop. Indeed, it really helped me a lot. I started practicing the tips they have shared and I felt much better then. I also joined one of their “Meet The Counselor” sessions in which I am able to share some of my struggles that I wouldn’t share with others. The counselors were so friendly and listened to me patiently. I felt so relieved and was able to get over the negative emotions that have been piling up within me over time. :smile:

Here’s another cool fact. They also offer E-Counselling for students whose time is occupied by full timetable, internship or part time work! Check out other delicate services offered by the team here:

Likewise, students are free to visit their office located at 9th Floor, Block G of the campus.

A counselling session is where you can voice out your concerns openly without the fear of being judged by others. So, if you ever faces emotional difficulties, dont’t worry and meet the counselors.

They will make sure to provide you a respectful, supportive and confidential environment to share all your true thoughts and feelings. :slight_smile: