Do gadgets such as iPad helps high school students during school time?

Hi guys :wave: I just want to ask some opinion… I know that some school use iPad instead of books for teaching and learning… So, do gadgets like that affect students, in a good or other way? Does that helps them in their learning process?

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It depends on their network systems actually - whether social networks are blocked or not, students might get distracted if they are allowed. Using iPads would engage students more with games and classroom activities. With points awarded and getting badges, students will be addicted and wanna do more and more.

However, for writing, going offline might actually be better.

Nowadays, students might actually finds ways themselves to be more effective and tech might be a big contributor to that.

Hi! I must say that iPad do helps them during school as if it is offline. Although if it is online, the teacher will guide them properly. But seems that gadgets and internet do help students nowadays even myself to do work, search for information and so on.

hi… i’m an arts and crafts students in a uni… before this during my school time, we use laptop and internet as our guidance on how to make crafts or to know the history of it… my aunty who is a teacher use youtube to teach her students on crafts… she showed them the tm merdeka video, which a video not just about woodcarving but there are many values inside it…

For me, it’s really help me student well, because back then we use book and the book so heavy, so now the learning material change to something convenient that we can learn anywhere and no need to bring such heavy book

What u said is true, for the school system, try should blocked some website so that the kids will totally focus only in learning.

i agree withyou as when wrting they should go offline…coz students mayb lazy and will copy and paste the acticle from online

there hv many ceative artworks videos on youtube instead of this tm merdeka, their arkwork can even more awesome

In my opinion it is a good idea as we can save up on papers to make all the textbooks and the students no need to be bothered about having to carry a heavy school bags as they only need a small ipad to study.

Yup, better for the school to block all the websites that kids might go and browse during school time such as FB etc and also all the online games from Apple store, in that way we can make sure all the students will be paying attention in class.

All those electronic gadgets had already become an important part in our daily whether we are using it for work or just to stay connected with our friends and families. But most importantly it need to be connected to the internet, if not we cannot do much also.

Yes, for uni student it’s really help a lot when they want to do the research of the project of finding any info regarding certain things

but now malaysia government not allow primary school students to study using ipad…other western country ald use it since 2 or 3 years ago

but now not all the rural places gt provided tm wifi, they force to use other telco wifi with slow speed

There are many input in the videos. Especially on the preservation of our culture, and also the importance of internet in our lives. So, it is no doubt that school nowadays use gadgets to do teaching and learning.

Ya. I agree with you. The woodcarving is so fine and neat right. She also do online classes in teaching that carving through conference calls. So easy nowadays

Maybe tm have their own procedure on expanding the areas. I think they also want people in rural areas get the same benefits as people in the city.

For writing we can’t do the copy paste because when it time to exam, they will write on paper and if they just copy and paste they will definitely don’t know how the flow to answer the question.

Yes, but what TM want to highlight there is the our art and culture that kids nowadays tend to forgot.

Yes, they no need to bring heavy bag anymore because they are using such a small iPad for school but they also need to bring at least a book for side note or sticky note to jot down important thing