Do educational games help students learn bettter?

image Yes. There are several reasons on why educational games could help students learn better. First of all, educational games has an objective, which is to motivate the students who had faced several difficulties in their studies. For example, an ungraded quiz questions with multiple attempts are able to help students in relieving their fear of failing a test. Secondly, game-based learning helps improve body coordination. For an instance, students are required to answer the questions with their respective electronic devices while providing an optimal solution within the time limit given. By doing so, students are able to have quicker decision-making skills and better body reaction. Thirdly, educational games also help increases engagement among the students and teachers. Games such as ‘’ Kahoot! ‘’ and ‘’ Quizizz ‘’ became a stepping stone for students who are once disinterested in activity book-based learning. Moreover, the teachers are also able to be more enthusiastic in their working life and provide more efficient ways in teaching due the high rate of engagement between its students. All in all, the approach of playing educational games in private and public institutes strong text by students is widely encouraged in order to have an overall better learning experience.