Do blog still relevant these days?

Usually mom will love to do blogging when have some free time so they will update there new recipe they want to try or share some old recipe. I love to read all those recipe and sometime I will copy that for make it at home later

Well sometimes video can bring out different feelings and emotions that normal written contents might not be able to, just like the video done by TM, even though it is short but it is very meaningful in educating the public on preserving our culture.

Yup internet marketing a force to be reckon in this newer generation where we are able to connect with customers all around the globe easily without any hassle unlike the older times without internet, thankful to TM for providing us with such opportunity.

No matter vlogging or written blogs each have their fans in some ways as it is easy for us to get any information through the use of internet, it is a good way for us to generate some passive income through blogging with using ads on our site.

Yes agree. As someone who is living in rural area, I am so grateful that we got TM coverage at our area. It really change the way we did our business. It is easier for us to promote our business nowadays resulting better income for the kampung people.

Yeah sometimes I like to refer someone’s blog for recipes. Most of the recipes in blog is good because it is based on their own cooking experience :yum:

Yes, they’re still relevant! :smiley: They are my favourite platforms to look for travelling ideas. In terms of studies, visiting blogs can sometimes give us some great inspirations for our homework or projects.