Do blog still relevant these days?

Hi all. For the past 10 years or more, blogging has been a phenomenon among people especially teenagers. On those good old days, blogging was the one and only platform to express or sharing things to people, before other social media platform like Facebook or Twitter exists. So, do blog still relevant these days?

Interesting! For high schoolers, I think many have converted blogs into Vlogs, by using Youtube or even latest platforms like Tik-tok and Twitch. However, some still have modified blogs, that looks a bit like a personal website where they share like particular projects, especially like for artsy people - it is more common for the older gens … Also, I feel like many youngsters love to stay anonymous too so that kind of affected blogging for teens.

Yes. It’s still relevant because for blogging we don’t have any word limit for the content, so we can share the good things through that platform.

For blog we can express our story there by writing and for vlog it more toward video story. So these two also good platform to them whether they like to write or talk.

i can say that blogger become less nowadays, but vlogger become more…now i like see video more instead of reading the article too

sure it’s relevant, but nowadays blog is not so popular, ppl more prefer using social media

It’s actually depend on how people wanna react because not all of us like to reading and not all like to watching video. So that why the alternative are there

For blogging maybe they just use to share about recipes, eternery and something require for explaination. For social media they will sharing pictures and some memories there

For me, a really like blogging more so that I can express what going on. It’s look like a diary for me so that i can write there

Well some people still use blog as a way to share knowledge to others such as cooking or stock market investments, I think it is still relevant as social media might be a harder to keep track and rarely shown up on Google when people wanted to know certain information about it.

The content at blogs can be well-organised according to sections while it is harder to do so at social media, but every platforms got their own uses also, social media for shorter contents while blogs for longer ones.

For some people they prefer vlogging as it is easier to do with just a camera but for some people with camera anxiety they still will resort to the older style of writing blogging as they feel more comfortable doing that, so different people different style.

Yes, it is definitely still relevant because there are different preferences towards written work, audio work and video content. Personally for me, I would still lean towards written content.

Someone who a very talkative tend to use vlog more because they can talk here and there without feeling shy. For someone who are introvert maybe will choose blogging so they also can tell others the story

True right, because we usually search on Google first before anything else even we have the sosial media but it second option after Google. And the blog things will show up first on Google

I really like to decorate my blog because we can put thing here and there and also we can put song so that the visitors that open our blog will be bless by such good song. Like u say, everything have their own specialty so use it wisely

yaya, that’s why most ppl like to see video more than article

Most of people nowadays prefer to stream videos instead of reading something. For the creators making videos or vlogging is more promising as they can make more money from that. Plus, by using video people will be more convinced with the things we are trying to convey. Like in the latest TM merdeka ads. It is impressive how impactful internet marketing can be. The daughter successfully promoted her father’s wood carving until it is acknowledge by many people

But it cannot be denied that blog still have their own fans. So it is still relevant tho

For someone who already famous on social media they will easily make money by doing video on YouTube. Also same for blogging,the more visitors you have the more money will coming to u.