Digital Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2019 @ INTI IU

Digital Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is the 1st of its kind initiative ever to be held in INTI International University (IIU). This event is a proud collaboration of the different departments that exists in (IIU) and they are the Faculty of Business, Communications & Law (FOBCAL), Faculty of Information Technology & Sciences (FITS) and Career Services (CS).

The occasion is dedicated towards the students who are pursuing their diploma or degree studies under the (FOBCAL) & (FITS) in order to mould them to be the digital entrepreneurs of tomorrow. (DEB 2019) is grateful to have respected individuals from 7 different associations who are well versed in the field they are in, as the honourable guests for the event.

The agenda of the event is divided into 3 sessions and they are as follows in the respective order: Sharing Session, Coaching Session and Pitching Session. The Sharing Session serves as a platform for the INTI students to listen to what the employers have to say be it their experiences, their progress or even advices. The Coaching Session brings the INTI students and the associates closer together as the INTI students have a hand-on experience with the guide of the associates. Finally, after all the learning processes, the students have to gather all the knowledge they have obtained and pitch their business idea the best way they can as they compete with one another. The winner of the Pitching Session will win a cash prize.