Dealing with Group Work

Something different when studying in university when compared to high school is about how university emphasizes more on teamwork and so there are tons of group works to be done.

Personally, I think that group works are fine sometimes because not many things can be settled alone. Group works teach us that sometimes you need help and how you would work and fit in for a team setting.

One of the recent experience with group work was an Arduino project, which we were supposed to be a team of four. The team was sorted randomly by our lecturer and fortunately in the team, I had two members which I was quite familiar with. The other member did not even appear at all for the first few weeks.

So, it was predictable but the whole project was obviously done by the three of us while we had to some sort “carry” the fourth team member’s workload.

It was not a decent experience but I assure you that if you are facing this kind of conflict in the future, there are some ways to get you out of this scenario.

First off, for a group work, your team members are your team members. You all normally share the same marks, so to get into serious business, you all should have been sharing the same workload. If your team member is considerate enough, he or she would understand.

However, in most cases, if he or she is not that empathetic, then I believe it’s time for you to get the lecturers’ help. The lecturers would understand because they have been dealing many cases like these in the past. From then on, maybe you guys can decide and how to solve these kind of conflicts in the future.

Group work is not cool bro