Cultural Clubs in UCSI

Being Malaysians, we have all grown up with rich diversity around us. Just by walking along a street, we could see people with different races hanging out with each other in harmony. Things get even more excited during festive seasons such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and many other celebrations. As we step onto a new journey in an international university like UCSI, we’d be exposed to even more different kinds of cultures shared by students from around the world!

Joining cultural clubs or attending their events is one of the best ways to explore various cultures. At a basic level, we have clubs or societies like Chinese Cultural Society and Indian Cultural Society as well as more religious Christian Fellowship, Buddhist Youth Society (Buddy) and Muslim Students’ Society that reflects our multi-ethnic cultures in our dear home country.

Beyond that, we have a number of other cultural societies formed by our fellow international students such as Bhinneka Indonesian Student Association, East African Students Association, Pakistani Student Association and more. Japanese Cultural Society is a really popular one in our university but guess what, it is actually formed by local students who are simply interested in the culture itself. :smile:

These cultural clubs organize a variety of events to share about the unique cultures while allowing students from different backgrounds to gather and have fun. We’ve also got our very own cultural night that brings all these societies and students together to celebrate the diversity and unity among all.

Now, if you’re a student here in UCSI, which culture would you be interested to explore? Let us know by dropping a comment below! :wink: