Cultivating a great personality growth and studies balance

:slightly_smiling_face: Remember that studies is important, but trust me, employers don’t look for boring resumes, they look for all rounders who’d have leadership, business or any skills you can bring to the table!
I was chosen to be the first batch chosen to be in the national leadership programme out of the whole Malaysia (only 40 of us were chosen) and they took my results into account. Trust me, I’m not a “high achiever” in terms of studies but from what I heard, I was chosen because of my list of achievements despite being 17, further, the minimum age allowed was supposedly 18 years old.
2) Make sure you PRIORITISE the issues at the top your list.
:slightly_smiling_face: Because words without actions are empty, right?:grin: When you prioritise some things, incorporate them into your weekly or daily routine. And how do you do that? Go to the next point
3) Write down a list of things to do to incorporate your priorities.
:slightly_smiling_face: Best if it’s possible to get a calendar or a journal in order for you to be able to visually be reminded of what you have to do to keep those priorities in check. These things don’t have to be big changes but you can set milestones and reward yourself with cookies​:wink: (Like how those of you who’ve read up till here deserves a cookie)
Signing off,
Ee Sun-xin