Co-Op Placement a.k.a Internship Programme in UCSI

One of the good reasons to study in UCSI is the multiple opportunities to gain an insight into the real industry. More commonly known as internship, Co-Op Placement allows students to work in career fields related to their studies for a specific period. Students are then required to submit a report as assigned by their course supervisor and get evaluated on their performance by the employer.

While other universities only provide this programme for once in the final year, our degree programmes come with a Co-Op Placement term each year so that students can try out different career experiences.

Students are free to look for their preferred companies to have their internships as long as the job field chosen is related to their studies. Nevertheless, students are also supported by the Co-Op Placement if they ever need help in looking for one. This department facilitates job opportunities by forming connections between students, faculties and employers in the relevant industries. Various job opportunities are also posted on My Employment and Co-Op Portal accesible by all UCSI students. There is even a pre-designed template available for students to create their own CV or resume!

While our academic courses provide us with essential knowledge, Co-Op Placement or internship programmes equip us with practical skills that can better prepare us for our future career paths.

I personally have gone through 3 internships so feel free to ask me if you have any questions or want any tips on it. :wink: