Classrooms in IICS? good or bad

As a fourth year student, I have used most of the classrooms in the college.

First, classroom is quite good, but it can be better if there is a remote control for the students to change the temperature of the air-conditioner. (It is quite awkward whenever you want to change the temperature, you have to go in front.)


Second, the projector in the classroom can be improved. Can you imagine when you in a rush to do presentation, once the other person closes the projector, you have to wait for five minutes then only can reopen it? It is a waste of time.


The last thing: unstable tables in the classroom. It is really annoying to do your work on an unstable table. It keeps shaking and shaking. OMG!


This is just my opinion. What do you think about the classrooms in IICS?

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How many students usually are there in a classroom yea?